Queer Parenting

Im Rahmen der Feministischen Reihe

Being Queer BIPoC Parent in Germany

Gespräch mit/talk with Adrian Blount
Moderation/moderated by: Marque Pham

For Queer Parenting, Adrian Blount, theatre director, performer, and artist will discuss the intersectional experience of being a black, non-binary queer parent in Germany. What does it mean to raise a child in socio-political systems that is still only mostly recognizing two genders and is designed for heterosexual norms? What are the pressures of the gender binary and how does one navigate this for not just one’s self but also for their child? From its challenges, to its joys and unexpected surprises, Theater Oberhausen is happy to have Adrian shed light and knowledge on a form of parenting that is not represented in mainstream media and to explain in what ways “queerness” transforms to when one critically engages with the intersections of race, gender, culture, and class. 

Gespräch in englischer Sprache / talk in English language

17.3.2022, 19:30 Uhr → Zoom

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